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Round 005: Real friendship

"Scold them! Do you scold them for not admiring her?"

"Yes, that I do. There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves; it is not my nature. My attachments are always excessively strong."
Northanger Abbey

The men think us incapable of real friendship, you know, and I am determined to show them the difference.Collapse )

Round 004 Voting

Round 004: The Happiest Dream

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Round 004 Extension

Round 004: The Happiest Dream has been extended for 1 day.
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As requested, we have a one-day extension for Round Four.

Here's a new countdown :)



Round 004: The Happiest Dream ends in less than 2 days.
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Round 004: The happiest dream

Emma was almost ready to sink under the agitation of this moment. The dread of being awakened from the happiest dream, was perhaps the most prominent feeling.

The expression of his eyes overpowered her.Collapse )

Round 003: Pressed to the Heart Results

He so near her, and in misery. She was ready to sink as she entered the parlour. He was alone, and met her instantly; and she found herself pressed to his heart with only these words, just articulate, "My Fanny, my only sister; my only comfort now!" She could say nothing; nor for some minutes could he say more.
Mansfield Park


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Congratulations to the winners! :)

The new challenge will go up over the coming weekend.

A truth universally acknowledged

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